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Where I mention BANKER below, this signifies those matches where I think the favourites should win. These matches I would personally prioritise as regards DRT.

Remember the strategies:

Lay the 0-0 halftime score in certain signalled matches

Lay the 0-0 2nd half in matches where goals were expected but have not yet materialised

Lay the 2-2 scoreline, especially early on in matches. 2-2 shows us that teams are scoring and conceding.

Lay the away team leading 0-2 before halftime, especially if they are not the pre-market favourites. The home team is usually galvanised by the halftime team talk.

Lay the underdog if they score first in certain matches (especially BANKER matches where I would back the BANKERS if they conceded first at enhanced odds).

Lay the underdog scoring early in the first half, in the HALF TIME market, especially in BANKER matches.

Do note matches where one team is red carded. The opponents do tend to score next more often than not.

A lot of seasons are coming to an end. We have a few must-wins in our midst today , as well as a number of dead rubber. As with yesterday, I'll spend half an hour on the French Open .

11am - Rizespor v Galatasaray  - 2.32 away

Standout Stats

  • This is the last match of the season., Rizespor are safe, Galatasary are champions.
  • This is a dead rubber.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Nothing to play for. Galatasary have won their last 6 matches to nil. Enough to motivate them to continue this?

11:30am - Torpedo Moscow v Mordovia Saransk  - 1.47 home

Standout Stats

  • This is another one of those matches which favour the home side.
  • This is 15th v 8th in the Russian Premier League. If Torpedo win, they could remain in the Premier League.

Torpedo Moscow

  • Have scored and conceded in their last 2 matches.
  • 3 draws and a 1-1 in the last 4 matches.
  • Only 2 wins in 13 matches.
  • No win v 12th and higher at home.
  • Failed to score at home v 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th, and 16th
  • Opponents have scored first in 10 of 14 home matches.


  • 4 wins and a o-0 in their last 5 matches.
  • 3 consecutive clean sheets.
  • No draw in 4 away matches
  • Have won home and away v bottom 3 sides.
  • 3 1-0 wins v bottom 2 home and away
  • 6 0-0's at halftime away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Torpedo Moscow need to win and home sides tend to win. They are not in the best of form but needs must today?
  • Saransk tend to win 1-0 v bottom 2 sides so will be tough to beat.
  • If you think home teams in head to heads win, and the team who need to win will win, then favour the home side today.

11:30am - Zenit St Petersburg v Lokomotiv  - 1.5 home

Standout Stats

  • The last 7 head to heads have all been " one goal in it" matches.
  • This is a dead rubber.
  • Only 2 wins in 7 matches for Zenit. Why? Well, the season is over.
  • 6 wins and a draw in Zenit's last 7 home matches.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Another dead rubber. Zenit's last home match this season as Champions. Enough motivation?

12pm - Thailand All Stars v Chelsea  - 1.13 away side

Standout Stats

  • I am going to this match. I am concerned that John Terry might try to get off with my girlfriend. I do hope not.
  • This is a promotional match as Chelsea are locally sponsored by the Singha Beer Corporation. I went to the last match in 2013 which Chelsea won.
  • The English Champions play a mixture of the Thai National side and the Olympic Side. Thailand beat Vietnam recently 0-1 so will be buoyant, but their team's forward line actually makes Fernando Torres look prolific. They make Colin Kazim Richards positively laser like in his shooting.
  • You get the idea.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • No odds available yet. It depends who plays.  Thailand All stars beat David Moyes United 1-0 in 2013.
  • Chelsea should do the job, especially if Hazard and Costa play. I hope they do. Then Chelsea are off to Sydney.

2pm - Fenerbahce v Kasimpasa  - 1.88 home

Standout Stats

  • Another dead rubber. Fenerbahce remain 2nd regardless of the result. Kasimpasa could break top 10 with a win.
  • Kasimpasa have scored and conceded in their last 11 matches. Enough to go to war with?

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • No research as this is a dead rubber. But Kasimpasa have scored and conceded in their last 11 matches. Lay them if they score first?

4pm - NK Maribor v Koper  - 1.19 home

Standout Stats

  • 2 consecutive 4-0 head to head wins for Maribor.
  • This is 1st v 7th in the Slovenian top flight. 11 points clear at the top.
  • Only 1 match remaining this season.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • This is a dead rubber. A celebration at home for champions Maribor. Koper are not relegation threatened. A case therefore of going with the home side perhaps who have been so emphatic in head to heads.

4:15pm - Plzen v Pribram  - 1.42 home

Standout Stats

  • 2-0, 2-4 Plzen, 2-0 Plzen, 2-2 Plzen in recent head to heads.
  • This is 1st v 5th in the Czech top flight.


  • Sparta Prague must win 6-0 and Plzen draw 0-0 for Prague to win the title.
  • A score draw will suffice for Plzen today, so research will be limited.
  • No draw in 14 at home - break that today?
  • Plzen have scored in their last 14 homes.
  • 13 wins and a loss in 14 homes.


  • Unbeaten in 8 matches.
  • Scored and conceded in their last 3 matches.
  • 2 consecutive away draws.
  • Losses to all top 4 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Teams that don't need a win, rarely win. Steaua got their draw which clinched the title. Plzen should do the same today. The market expects the win, as Pribram have lost away to top 4.
  • Lay Pribram if they score first.

4:15pm - Slovan Liberec v Ceske Budejovice  - 1.6 home

Standout Stats

  • 3 emphatic home wins in head to heads for Slovan. 1-1 last match.
  • This is 14th v 16th and going by head to heads alone, 3/4 goals scored consistently at home, the odds look about right. But what of season long form, as these 2 are bottom 3 sides.

Slovan Liberec

  • This is a must win for Slovan Liberec on the last match of the season in the Czech Republic. Ceske I am afraid are down.
  • I don't think in-depth research is a good use of my time here so just a quickie!
  • Slovan have beaten teams 12th and lower at home  - a good sign.
  • Only 2 defeats in their last 8 matches came away from home.


  • Only 1 win in 13 was a 1-0 at home
  • 8 consecutive away defeats.
  • Only 1 away win v bottom side

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • We do see a lot of these must-wins don't we. You are either with them or you are against them.
  • On form, Slovan Liberec can get the win today which will give them a chance of survival based on other results.
  • I am with the home side and will react accordingly if the away side score.
  • Given home head to heads are so emphatic, chance laying the 0-0 halftime score.

4:15pm - Sparta Prague v Bohemians 1905  - 1.21 home

Standout Stats

  • 3 consecutive 2-1 wins for Sparta in head to heads.
  • This is 2nd v 8th.  1st equal with a win for Sparta but negative goal difference likely.

Sparta Prague

  • Need to win 7-0 and hope Plzen lose heavily in order to win the title. Ain't gonna happen!
  • 7 wins and 2 losses in their last 9 matches.
  • No draw in 14 matches,
  • Sparta have scored 4 and 5 in their last 2 at home.
  • All wins at home bar 2 losses. have scored 3-4-5 in some home matches.

Bohemians 1905

  • Lost away to all top 4
  • Unbeaten in 4 away matches.
  • No 0-0 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • This is entering the realms of being a dead rubber. Sparta Prague need some crazy goals swing with Plzen in order to get the title. They have scored 4-5 goals in their last 2 matches at home.  I would be tempted at over 5.5 goals today just incase Sparta Prague decide to go for it.

5pm - Bursaspor v Torku Konyaspor  - 1.42 home

Standout Stats

  • 1-2 Kon, 2-3 Burs in the last 3 head to heads.
  • Bursaspor must win in order to have a shout at 4th place and European football. It's between them and Istanbul.


  • 6 match home winning streak
  • No draw in 10 matches
  • No defeat in 14 at home, scoring in them all.
  • The last 4 losses have come away
  • Only 1st and 3rd have won at Bursaspor
  • 2+ goals scored in all bar 1 home match v 4th and lower.


  • 2 1-0 wins and a 1-1 lately
  • Only 1 win away v top 13. lost 1-0 to Gala recently. beat Besiktas 0-1 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Both teams to score based on head to heads. Motivation with Bursaspor to have a chance at 4th today enough to side with them?
  • Lay Konyaspor if they score first but perhaps cover the 0-1 insurance bet incase they nick another 0-1 win. Their away record though is dire.

5pm - Mersin Idman Yurdu v Istanbul BB  - 1.6 away

Standout Stats

  • 4-2 Istanbul, 2-3 Mersin, 2-2 and 2-2 in the last 4 head to heads.
  • This is 7th v 4th. I think Istanbul need to win this match to retain 4th. 5th and 6th are near to Istanbul points wise.
  • This is the last match of the season


  • Conceded in their last 13 matches and last 10 at home.
  • Only 1 win in their last 6 home matches.
  • 2 0-1 losses at home recently v Fenerbahce and Galatasary. They could be tough to beat today if up for it. This is a dead rubber for Mersin.
  • Only 4 clean sheets all season
  • 3 0-1 losses at home to the top 3, and playing 4th - who need a win- today.
  • No 0-0

Istanbul BB

  • A must win for Istanbul.
  • Only 1 loss in 13 matches so in decent form.
  • 2 consecutive away wins 1-2 and 0-1.
  • 2-2 with Fenerbahce recently.
  • Have yet to beat any top 10 side away from home.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Both teams to score perhaps based on head to heads and Mersin conceding in their last 13 at home. BUT Mersin only tend to lose 0-1 v top 3. They play 4th today.

5pm - Molde v Sandefjord  - 1.22 home

Standout Stats

  • Only 1 recent relevant head to head was a 2-1 v Molde win in a friendly.
  • This is 5th v 14th in the Norwegian Eliteserien


  • Molde can score readily. They have scored 1-3-5-0-3-1-4-1-3-3 in their matches this season.
  • 1-5-3-4-3 scored at home recently.
  • Failed to score in only 1 matches.
  • No 0-0 at halftime in 8 of the last 9 matches.


  • No draw in 10 matches.
  • 7 match losing streak, 5 away
  • Have conceded 3-2-2-3-4-5-3 in recent matches.
  • Only 1 clean sheet.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • The head to head came in a friendly. This season though, Molde are scoring 3+ goals and Sandefjord are conceding 3+ goals  - it all looks very straightforward.
  • Lay the 0-0 halftime score.
  • Both teams could score today.
  • Expect over 3.5 goals, even 4.5 goals at a stretch.

5pm - Verona v Juventus  - 1.74 away

Standout Stats

  • This is a dead rubber so I will not research it.
  • 2-2-6-4 scores by Juventus in head to heads

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Another dead rubber.  Verona have 2 1-1 draws v 2nd and 3rd. Juventus have only lost 1 away match v 10th and lower

5:30pm - Arsenal v Aston Villa  - 1.57 home

Standout Stats

  • In head to heads, Arsenal have won the last three head to heads 1-2, 0-3, 5-0.
  • Arsenal rather worryingly failed to score in three consecutive home matches but scored four goals against West Brom. If they are over that scoreless hoodoo then they will be tough to beat.
  • Arsenal have lost only one match since March 2015 in all competitions. In the FA Cup, Arsenal are unbeaten since 2014. All wins bar three matches which went to extra time
  • Arsenal have scored two goals in five of their last six FA Cup matches. Recent Aston Villa wins have come against Tottenham, Aston Villa, Everton and West Ham. Recent defeats came versus Southampton and Burnley. The loss against Southampton was particularly harsh 6-1.
  • Five consecutive wins for Villa in the FA Cup sees them scoring two goals in each of the last four matches. The win against
  • Liverpool saw Liverpool at shorter odds than Arsenal are today, so fair warning to the Gunners! Three of the last four Villa wins were 2-1.
  • Back in 2012, Villa lost 3-2 to Arsenal in the FA Cup. Don’t forget a lot has changed since then So, what are your conclusions for the FA Cup Final tomorrow?

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Will Arsenal be as efficient as the head to heads and score two goals at least again, as they have done in recent head to heads? Will Aston Villa show the powers of recovery which saw them beat Liverpool 2-1, when 1-0 down?

6pm - Osijek v Slaven Belupo  - 1.54 home

Standout Stats

  • 4 consecutive Slaven wins makes this interesting as Osijek are 1.54 favourites
  • This is 9th v 6th in the croatian HNL table.


  • I think it is the bottom 2 in Croatia who are relegated. So this is a must-win for the home side.
  • Won their last 3 home matches, and last 2 1-0.
  • Only 1 win in 7 at home was a 0-1.
  • Have beaten 5th and lower at home, keeping 3 of 4 clean sheets.
  • Only 1 0-0 at home

Slaven Belupo

  • No win in 8 away matches.
  • Have conceded in their last 9 away matches.
  • No wins away.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • This presents an okay opportunity for the lower positioned side to win. Slaven Belupo are poor away from home.
  • Osijek have beaten 5th and lower at home. FAvour the home side as the side needing the 3 points and the side with the potential winning form.

7pm - Dortmund v Wolfsburg  - 2.34 home

Standout Stats

  • This is the German Cup Final.
  • 2-3 Wolfsburg, 3-3, 2-1 Wolfsburg, 2-1 Dortmund, 2-0 Dortmund, 2-2, 2-1 Wolfsburg in head to heads.


  • Only 1 loss in 23 matches in the cup.
  • The last 2 matches went to extra time.
  • Unbeaten in 11 cup matches.


  • Only 2 losses in 15 matches in the cup.
  • 4 clean sheets in their last 5 matches in the cup.
  • 8 wins, a draw and a loss in their last 10.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

I think both teams will score as per head to heads.  Lay any side 2-0 up.
  • I would back 2-2 pre-match and hope for as exciting a match as we have seen in head to heads.

7:45pm - Atalanta v AC Milan  - 2.56 away

Standout Stats

  • This is a dead rubber.
  • Atalanta have won the last 2 head to heads.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Lay AC Milan if they score first? It is a dead rubber so enthiasm wains.

8pm - Auxerre v Paris St-G  - 1.2 away

Standout Stats

  • This is the Coupe de France. PSG are looking at a domestic double having won the league title.
  • 1-0 Auxerre, 3-2 PSG, 1-1 in the last 3 head to heads.


  • No win in 7 matches in all competitions.
  • Auxerre have a game plan in the Coupe de France. They have conceded 0-0-0-0-1-0-0 in recent matches. The goal they conceded came in the 90th minute.

Paris St-G

  • 6 consecutive wins in all competitions, scoring 2+ goals.
  • Only Barcelona has beaten PSG in recent months.
  • 5 consecutive wins in the Coupe de France. 2+ goals scored in those matches.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Defence v Attack it seems today. Lay Auxerre if they score first.
  • On form, PSG have hit a really solid goalscoring run, scoring 2/3 readily.
  • Will Auxerre's defence see them through. It has been rock solid?

8:30pm - Ath Bilbao v Barcelona  - 1.23 away

Standout Stats

  • 2-1, 2-0, 2-5 all Barcelona wins in recent head to heads.
  • This is the Copa Del Rey Final.

Ath Bilbao

  • Unbeaten in 7 matches.
  • 3 and 4 scored in their last 2 matches.
  • Only  1 loss in 8 matches in the Copa Del Rey


  • Only 1 loss in 21 matches in all competitions came v Bayern Munich in the Champions League.
  • 8 clean sheets in their last 10 matches.
  • 8 consecutive Copa wins. Since 26th January 2011, only Real Madrid have beaten Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • This is correctly priced. Lay Bilbao if they score first.
  • Expect Barcelona to score 2+ goals.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- French Open Tennis Have you tried trading the tennis, and are you getting a good idea of how to delay, and which markets to enter?

10am - Andy Murray v Nick Kyrgios  - 1.13 Murray. We may not see a 3-0 from Andy today. Kyrgios, if he clicks, could nick a set and give Andy a game. Remember Nick beat Federer recently. Lay 3-0 sets if Andy wins the first set. If Nick wins the first set , lay him.

10am - Petra Kvitova v Irina-Camelia Begu  - 1.5 Petra.

4th v 30th in the rankings. 1-0 to Petra in head to heads. 2.36 for 2-0 to Petra is very non committal. 2 consecutive 1-2 set wins for Petra suggests we lay 2-0 set betting if she wins the first set.  Begu had a bye in the last round.

10am - Marin Cilic v Leonardo Mayer   - 1.67 Cilic

10th v 22nd in the rankings. The rankings tend to get tighter the deeper we get into a Grand Slam. 1-0 to Cilic in head to heads. Mayer is a battler. 3-1 and 3-2 suggests that Mayer will not win 3-0 at all. Lay 3-0 set betting if Mayer wins the first set.  Cilic has won 3-0 in his last 2 French Open matches. Odds of 4 for Cilic tells the story. Lay the first set winner in their 3-0 set betting.

10am - Andreea Mitu v Francesca Schiavone  - 1.87 Mitu

Schiavone is Ferrer in a dress! She ain't gonna give in! 100th v 92nd in the rankings. Both players I think will win a set. The market cannot really split these 2 as far as the first set betting is concerned. Take that as read! Lay the first set winner in either the match odds market or the 2-0 set betting market.

1pm - Jack Sock v Borna Coric  - 1.49 Sock. Jack Sock playing for his ailing grandfather and it has galvanised him. Coric is a big threat particularly when players have not had previous meetings.

37th v 46th suggests to me that 1.49 is far too short for Sock and laying at odds on. Sock's 2 opening sets this Grand Slam have been 7-6 and 7-5. Coric's 1st sets have been 7-6, 7-6. As I keep saying, tie-breakers go to the player who plays the tie break points the best, NOT necessarily the better player! This suggests a potential 5 setter today and a lay of the first set leader . I would also lay the player 2-1 up as well in the hope of a 2-2 set score.

1:30pm - Simone Bolelli v David Ferrer  - 1.06 Ferrer

60th v 8th in the rankings. 1.51 for Ferrer to win 3-0. Both players have a solid 3-0 set record this French Open so this should be an interesting match.  All straight sets wins in the 5-0 Ferrer head to heads. Compelling enough evidence to back him in the 3-0 set betting market?  Lay Bolelli if he wins the first set or 3-0 Bolelli. 1:30pm - Andrey Kuznetsov v Rafael Nadal  - 1.01  As I keep saying lay these players at 1.02. It worked for Serena Williams. Novak did pull a groin muscle in his match but survived. Nadal could pull a muscle. We simply don't know. Laying at 1.02 has superb upside, minimal downside.

3:30pm - Serena Williams v Victoria Azarenka  - 1.46 Serena

I advised laying Serena at 1.03 last match and that worked out a treat. He-man plays the Screamer in the series of Batman I missed. 1st v 27th in the rankings. Williams is currently vulnerable if as poor as she was last match. Azarenka is an enigma. Down in the rankings but putting on a reasonable show.7-6, 3-6, 7-6 in Madrid in 2015 to Serena is hardly emphatic is it, and it screams for us to lay here perhaps at 1.46, better yet at lower odds if she breaks first or if she wins the first set. This is going to be a ding dong and I cannot see 1.46 being Serena's shortest odds. Lay Serena 2.24 for 2-0 set betting is short enough as a trade.