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Where I mention BANKER below, this signifies those matches where I think the favourites should win. These matches I would personally prioritise as regards DRT.

Remember the strategies:

  • Lay the 0-0 halftime score in certain signalled matches

  • Lay the 0-0 2nd half in matches where goals were expected but have not yet materialised

  • Lay the 2-2 scoreline, especially early on in matches. 2-2 shows us that teams are scoring and conceding.

  • Lay the away team leading 0-2 before halftime, especially if they are favourites. The home team is usually galvanised by the halftime team talk.

  • Lay the underdog if they score first in certain matches (especially BANKER matches where I would back the BANKERS if they conceded first at enhanced odds)

  • Lay the underdog  scoring early in the first half, in the HALF TIME market , especially in BANKER matches.

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14:30 UK Bayer Leverkusen v Hannover 96 - 1.36 home

Standout Stats

  • 3 Bayer wins and a 1-1 draw in the last 4 head to heads.
  • This is 4th v 15th in the Bundesliga - points are equally important for both sides, for completely different reasons!

Bayer Leverkusen

  • A chance to go 3rd with a win.
  • 6 match winning streak
  • Scored in their last 10 matches.
  • 3 consecutive clean sheets at home
  • 5 clean sheets in their last 6 matches.
  • 2 consecutive 4-0 home wins.
  • 4-1-4-4 scored in their last 4 home matches.
  • Only loss was a 4-5 v 2nd in the league at home
  • Unbeaten v teams below them at home.
  • 2 0-0's at home
  • 21 of 31 goals scored at home came 2nd half.


  • 12 without a win, 8 away.
  • Scored and conceded in 9 of their last 10 matches.
  • Conceded at least 2 goals in 6 of their last 8 away matches.
  • Only 1 win in 17 matches.
  • Losses away to all top 7 currently played.
  • Losses home and away to all top 4 currently played.
  • Only 1 0-0 at home

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • I am not sure that you can discount any shocks at this part of the season when points mean survival for some.
  • On form, Hannover cannot beaten the top 4 , infact have lost to them all this season and with Bayer in such strong winning form, it will be tough for the away side. They may score so lay them if they score first. I would lay any late score draw here too.

14:30 UK Hoffenheim v Bayern Munich - 1.5 away

Standout Stats

  • 5 Bayern wins and a 3-3 in the last 6 head to heads.
  • This is 7th v 1st. Hoffenheim are 14 points shy of 4th . Bayern are 10 points clear at the top.


  • No draw in 11 at home
  • Scored in their last 5 at home
  • 3 consecutive home wins ended with a loss to Mgladbach.
  • Typical Hoff can really let loose at home when it suits. They have scored 3-4-3-0-1-2-2-3-1 recently at home.
  • Draw at home v 2nd, loss v 3rd and 0-1 loss v 4th . Lost 4-0 away to Bayern earlier this season.
  • No 0-0 at home
  • Scored first in 11 of 14 home matches.

Bayern Munich

  • Lost to Porto mid week in the Champions League.
  • 5 match winning streak away
  • No draw in 10 away and in 9 overall
  • 8 wins in their last 9 matches. Like the Hoff, lost to Mgladbach recently.
  • 4 clean sheets in their last 5 away matches.
  • Only 2 losses this season v top 3
  • Against 6th-9th inclusive, Bayern have scored 3-6 goals in matches.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • 6 matches remain this season and Bayern are 10 points clear. A win today and they are 13 points clear with 20 points remaining. It all depends on what Wolfsburg do.
  • There are usually goals in this match, and it is interesting that BAyern really let loose v 6th-9th home and away, scoring 3 goals at least.
  • Hoffenheim are winless v top 4 at home and that is likely to continue.  They do tend to score first at home and I hope that is the case today as we can lay them in anticipation of a Bayern recovery.
  • Usually Hoffenheim games see a goal before halftime so lay the 0-0 halftime score as late as you can.

14:30 UK Borussia Dortmund v Paderborn - 1.22 home

Standout Stats

  • 2-2 the last time these 2 met.
  • This is 10th v 16th in the Bundesliga, and after an awful start to the season, Dortmund are still relegation threatened but would to be honest need some mighty collapse to go down. Paderborn are 3rd bottom but it is tight at the bottom so they can see the light with some good results


  • A solid recent run ended with losses to 1st and 3rd .
  • Dortmund have lost 2 and drawn 1 v bottom 4 at home.
  • Dortmund have failed to score in their last 2 home matches.
  • Is Jurgen Klopp out of the manager's seat?


  • 3 match losing streak away
  • Failed to score in those matches
  • Only 2 wins in 18 matches.
  • Failed to score in 10 of their last 12. 2-2 last time these 2 met with Paderborn coming from 0-2 down
  • No win away v top 13

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • The odds are short because Paderborn are poor away from home. Dortmund have lost 2 v bottom 4 sides, may have lost their manager and failed to score in their last 2 at home, which normally signals a value lay.
  • Both sides need points but Paderborn have failed to score in 10 of their last 12 . If Dortmund can score, they will win.
  • Lay any late 0-0
  • Lay Paderborn if they score first.

15:00 UK Leicester v Swansea - 2.1 home

Standout Stats

  • Only 1 Premiership head to head, 2-0 Swansea.
  • 20th v 8th. Only 2 wins for Leicester could save their season ( other results pending).Swansea are safe and are not going to threaten for a European place.


  • 2 consecutive wins 2-1 and 2-3 and a recent 4-3 loss to Spurs. This Leicester are fighting.
  • Wins v top 10 at home v Man Utd ( in transition)  and West Ham ( declining form)
  • 4 of 6 home losses were 0-1


  • Gain nothing and lose nothing as this season closes.
  • All losses bar 1 this season v top 10 teams only.
  • 6 wins and a 1-1 home and away v bottom 4. Scorelines away v bottom 6 0-1, 0-0, 0-1, 1-1, 0-1

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • The need is with Leicester. 2 consecutive goal laden wins and 7 matches remain to save their season. It's mathematically possible.
  • This is a home team with total goals 7-3-5 in their last 3 matches v a Swansea side with 3 0-1's, a 0-0 and a 1-1 away to bottom 6. No congruity here.
  • Leicester have lost 0-1 in 4 of 6 losses at home.
  • This might be a tight match. Back 0-0 pre match to trade out at halftime?

15:00 UK Stoke v Southampton - 2.25 away

Standout Stats

  • 4 draws and a Southampton 1-0 in the last 5 head to heads, as tight as the odds suggest. I'll not research this fully, just highlight key stats as it seems well-matched.
  • This is 10th v 6th in the Premiership and for me the motivation is with Southampton. 4th place is actually a real possibility. They are 5 points shy .

Stoke City

  • Scored and conceded last 3
  • No win in 4
  • Scored and conceded in all bar 1 match at home to teams above them.
  • Wins tend to be 3-2, 2-1


  • No win in 3 away
  • Only 1 loss in 5 v Everton
  • 3 1-0's in their last 4 away, 1 win and 2 defeats. Also 1-1 v Chelsea.
  • 5 of 6 away defeats were 1-0

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • If Stoke score first, cover the 1-0 correct score as that seems the only way Saints lose away.
  • A messy match which does not appeal from a trading perspective.
  • If you follow the theory that the team in greater need will perform better, then you'd be with Southampton in their quest for possible top 4 place.

15:00 UK Aberdeen v Dundee Utd - 1.57 home

Standout Stats

  • 5 matches remain in the SPL so Aberdeen need to keep winning.  They are 8 points shy of Celtic with 15 points remaining? If Aberdeen lose, they will be 8 points shy of Celtic with 12 points remaining.
  • This is 2nd v 4th in the SPL


  • 3 of Aberdeen's 6 defeats this season came v Celtic.
  • 4 clean sheets in their last 5 home matches.
  • 9 without defeat at home
  • 31 goals scored at home, 19 2nd half.

Dundee Utd

  • Conceded in their last 12 away
  • 3 match losing streak away
  • 6 defeats in their last 8 matches.
  • 2-1-3-3-3 conceded last 5 away matches.
  • Only 1 clean sheet since November came last match

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Aberdeen are the form side by quite some stretch. Keeping home clean sheets and playing a side conceding 9 in their last 3 aways, this should be advantage home side today.
  • Lay any late 0-0.
  • Lay Dundee Utd if they score first. Only 1 clean sheet since November.

15:00 UK Crystal Palace v West Brom - 1.95 home

Standout Stats

  • 3-1 Palace and 2-2 the last 2 head to heads. Attacking football.
  • This is 11th v 14th . 18th are on 26 points. Palace are on 42 points and West Brom on 33 points.


  • 4 match winning streak.
  • Scored and conceded in those.
  • Conceded in their last 12 at home.
  • Palace have scored 3-0-3-2-2-4 recently.
  • Scored and conceded in 7 of their last 8 home matches
  • Strange at home. Beat 4th, 5th, 7th, and 18th and 20th but no wins v 9th-16th at home

West Brom

  • No win in 10 away
  • 3 match losing streak
  • That Pulis magic? Erm, not quite. Conceded 3-4-3 in their last 3 matches.
  • Only 2 away wins were 0-1

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Recent form must point to Palace in a match where both teams could score. Palace could score 2+ goals unless Pulis ends that West Brom 3-4-3 conceding sequence.
  • Lay any late 0-0 as West Brom especially need points. 6 matches left. Palace are 16 points clear with 18 possible points remaining.  If they win today, they should be safe? What a motivator.
  • I will back 2-2 pre-match here and hope both teams score and it's an entertaining attacking match.

15:00 UK Bournemouth v Sheff Wed - 1.36 home

Standout Stats

  • 2-4 Sheff and 2-0 Bournemouth last 2 head to heads.
  • This is 2nd v 11th in the Championship.


  • 1 point behind Boro at the top , who won yesterday. Bournemouth go top with a win.
  • Dead rubber for Sheff Wed.
  • 4 match home winning streak and 3 overall
  • 7 wins in their last 9 matches.
  • 2-4-3-4- scored in last 4 home matches.
  • 3 losses at home v 4th, 10th and 15th

Sheff Wed

  • Not going up, not going down
  • 12 away without a draw
  • 2 defeats in their last 3 away
  • Beat Boro home and away.Lost away to 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th of the top 8
  • Conceded 2 or 3 in 5 of 6 away to top 8
  • 9 0-0's at halftime away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Generally having faith in those needing the points has paid off in this league. Bournemouth are on a great run, and scoring 3+ at home recently. Season over for Sheff Wed who tend to conceded 2 away to top 8 -they should be outscored today by Bournemouth

15:00 UK Everton v Burnley - 1.65 home

Standout Stats

  • 1-3 to Everton the last time these 2 met.
  • This is 12th v 19th.  Everton are 12 points clear of relegation with 18 possible points remaining. The bottom 5 are separated by 5 points so Burnley need 3 desperately


  • 2 match winning streak
  • 2 consecutive home clean sheets.
  • 0-1-0-1 conceded recently.
  • 4 clean sheets in their last 5 home matches.
  • 6 consecutive 1-0's at halftime
  • Unbeaten at home v teams below them. Bottom 3 3-1 and 2-2 .


  • Conceded in their last 13 away
  • No win in 9 away
  • Failed to score in 5 of their last 6 matches.
  • Draws away with City and Chelsea show some spirit.
  • Only 1 away win
  • Conceded 19 goals in the first half away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Everton score 2/3 goals regularly v teams below them in the league. That is the case v bottom 3 as well. Expect Everton to get 2 goals at least? Burnley have failed to score in 5 of their last 6, so this is a great concern. Everton take a huge leap to safety with a win today, so do Burnley.
  • These matches are so tough to gauge , such is the need for both sides. Burnley are likely to concede though at some stage so that is a ready angle in.
  • Everton have hit a bit of form at home so could be tough to beat today

15:00 UK Hearts v Raith Rovers - 1.3 home

Standout Stats

  • 0-4, 1-0, 1-3 for Hearts this season.
  • 1st v 6th in the Scots Championship. Hearts are 22 points clear.


  • 5 match home winning streak
  • Scored in their last 16 at home
  • 5 consecutive home clean sheets
  • 2 losses in 3 v Rangers and Hibs, 2 of the big 3.
  • Only 3 draws all season
  • Failed to score in only 2, including last match.


  • Against big 3, 0-4 loss, 0-4 loss, 1-1, 6-1 loss, 1-0 loss, 1-3 loss, 1-1 draw, 1-2 loss, 1-3 loss, 2-1 win, 4-0 loss
  • 4-0 loss recently v Rangers
  • No draw in 10
  • 3 consecutive away losses.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • 3 matches remain and Hearts have won the title. Strictly therefore a dead rubber but they are relentless even when not needing the points. Raith tend to conceded 3/4 v the big boys so if Hearts are up for it, then expect them to cruise. This is their last home match before a match with Rangers on 2nd May.
  • Lay any late draw.

17:20 UK Reading v Arsenal - 1.25 away

Standout Stats

  • Arsenal have a break from the Premiership.
  • 4-1 to Arsenal in 2013
  • This is an FA Cup match today.
  • This is an FA Cup semi-final so you are not going to see the famous Arsenal nippers.


  • The only non Premiership team remaining.
  • Only 2 wins in 12 matches.
  • 1-1-0-0 scored in their last 4 matches.
  • Beat Huddersfield, Cardiff, Derby, and Bradford to get here.


  • 4 wins in FA Cup v Hull, Brighton, Boro and United saw Arsenal score 2-3-2-2

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Limited form and a one off match but on the face of it Reading have not had to meet any Premiership team to reach the semi final. Arsenal are scoring 2+ and against inform sides such as Boro and United. We must, on form , favour the Arsenal and lay Reading if Reading score first.

17:30 UK Salzburg v Magna W Neustadt - 1.12 home

Standout Stats

  • 10 consecutive Salzburg wins scoring 5-8-5-5-5-4-2 recently
  • 1st v 9th in Austria
  • No indepth research. Salzburg have scored 2-2-3-4-0-2-2-3-3- recently so should keep up their record.
  • Salzburg conceded in their last 6 home
  • 82% over 2.5 goals all season
  • Wiener on 4 match losing streak.3-6-3-1-2-3 conceded in recent away matches.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • The odds marry with the goals scored so expect a 4-0,4-1 5-0 if Salzburg are on a going day. With these odds, expect Salzburg to be winning at halftime.

17:30 UK Chelsea v Man Utd - 1.91 home

Standout Stats

  • A fascinating match to watch but not to trade. I don't tend to research these high profile matches. Here are some snippets.
  • Chelsea are top by 7 points and have a game in hand. A win will see one hand on the title.
  • United go 2nd with a win today
  • Chelsea have scored in all home and their last 18 overall
  • Clearly vulnerable to the top 6 home and away with 5 1-1 draws in 7 matches.
  • 3 1-1's in 5 home matches.
  • United have won 9 of their last 11 matches.
  • 3-2-3-4 scored recently, including 2 v Liverpool and 4 v Man City.
  • United scored in their last 11
  • Wins v top 6 away 1-2 v 2nd , 5th and 6th.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Both teams are scoring and I could see that continuing. United actually have the better top 6 form. 1-1 and 1-2 are therefore goers today. This match is more important for United than Chelsea who have the cushion of a game in hand.
  • Lay the first goalscorer?

18:45 UK Vitesse v Dordrecht - 1.12 home

Standout Stats

  • 6 and 2 scored by Vitesse v Dordrecht in recent head to heads where both teams scored.
  • 4th v 18th in the Eredivisie and a feeling Dordrecht are down on 16 points with 4th bottom at 28 points. Vitesse can get 3rd but have a 7 point gap to make up.


  • Scored in their last 12 matches.
  • Conceded last 3 at home
  • 9 wins in their last 11 matches
  • 4 wins in their last 5 home matches.
  • Scored and conceded in 6 of their last 7
  • Failed to score in only 4
  • Only 1 0-0 at home
  • Scored 12 directly before halftime at home


  • only 2 wins all season.
  • Lost home and away in all matches v top 5
  • Failed to score away v top 5
  • No win in 14 away, conceding in 13 of them
  • 6-3-1-2-2-2-3-2 conceded recently.
  • Scored 2 in their last 2
  • 22 of 36 goals conceded came 2nd half away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • 1.12 suggests 4+ goals today from Vitesse. Dordrecht are certainly likely to concede 2 at least.
  • Both teams could score.
  • Lay the 0-0 halftime score

19:00 UK Real Madrid v Malaga - 1.17 home

Standout Stats

  • 4 consecutive head to head wins for Real Madrid.
  • Must win for Real in 2nd. Malaga are battling for 6th spot with Villareal.

Real Madrid

  • 3 match winning streak at home
  • Scored in their last 15 home
  • 1 loss at home v 3rd, 1 draw v 6th 1-1
  • 40 goals scored at home
  • Led at halftime in 12 of 15 home


  • 3 match losing streak away
  • Last 3 away defeats were 1-0
  • Only 1 win in 7 away was a 0-1 v Barcelona
  • Losses away v 3rd, 4th, 5th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 19th

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Always a chance this Malaga side could win 0-1 if their defence clicks as it did v Barcelona, but Real are purring presently and tend to score at home.
  • Lay the 0-0 halftime score.
  • Look for 3/4 goals from Real Madrid today so if 0-0 halftime , lay under 4.5 goals.