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There were no real surprises in the Euro qualifiers yesterday. Italy did come from behind v Armenia to win 1-3. I made some other excellent calls on the DRT Facebook page. The Euro U21 qualifiers are well worth monitoring today.14:00, 15:00, 16:30, 17:00 onwards for kick-off. I won't research. These U21 qualifiers look obvious.9 of the 10 qualifiers are odds-on favourites. And please don't forget the 20 minute rule for sub 1.2 favourites. If 0-0 after 20 minutes, back the favourite's scorelines in the halftime score market 1-0, 2-0, any unquoted. Georgia U21, Austria U21 and Scotland U21 all qualified and profited.  If I am around at DRT Facebook from 14:00 onwards I will post. I made some great calls yesterday.


17:00 - Cyprus v Kazakhstan - 2.25 Cyprus

  • Group I sees Belgium and Russia dominate.
  • 93rd v 112th in the FIFA rankings.
  • Cyprus sole win came v San Marino. 3 other defeats. The maximum they have conceded is 2 goals.
  • The Kazaks beat Scotland and San Marino and lost v Russia and Belgium. Slightly better form from the Kazaks.

17:00 - Estonia v Belarus - 2.45 Belarus

  • 100th v 84th in the rankings.
  • These 2 are bottom 2 in Group C. Neither team has won a match yet. 2.45 the favourite. Take the hint and leave alone or, at the very least, trade via the in-play stats.

19:45 - Austria v Latvia - 1.06 Austria

  • Group G sees Austria 3rd and Latvia the whipping boys.
  • 27th v 134th in the FIFA rankings.
  • 3-2-3-5 goals conceded by the Latvians so far and scoring in only one of those matches. Let this be your guide as to what Austria can accomplish today and don't forget the 20 minute rule. If 0-0 after 30 minutes, back 1-0, 2-0, any unquoted in the halftime score market.

19:45 - Germany v Holland - 2.00 Germany

  • 2-2 and 2-3 Germany the last time these 2 teams met.
  • 15th v 16th in the rankings.
  • Northern Ireland actually top this Group C But note, they have played a match more than Germany and 2 matches more than Holland so plenty of incentive for these 2 teams to take points off each other and vye for top spot.
  • Germany beat the Dutch 2-3 this campaign already and followed that up with wins v Belarus and Estonia. 4-0 win v Belarus and 2-3 loss v Germany for the Dutch.
  • A fascinating match in which I don't have ultra strong angles. We also have to contend with a lack of matches in these qualifiers from the Dutch.

19:45 - San Marino v Belgium - 1.01 Belgium

  • I'm going to stick my neck out here. I think the Belgians might edge this one.
  • A win to nil is expected. 0-4, 0-6, 0-8 for me. 2-5-2-9-4 goals conceded by San Marino so far.

19:45 - Scotland v Russia - 2.7 Russia

  • The market cannot split these 2 sides from Group I. 4th v 2nd in the group.
  • 48th v 46th in the rankings. It can't get much tighter than that.
  • Russia's only loss has come v Belgium.3/3 wins without conceding.
  • Scotland have been a bit more ragged. Losses away v Kazakhstan and Belgium and wins v San Marino and Cyprus.
  • Slightly favour Russia but acknowledge that Scotland have played only 1 home match this campaign, a 2-1 v Cyprus.

19:45 - Slovakia v Croatia - 2.10 Croatia

  • 31st v 7th in the rankings. That's quite a difference but it is not necessarily reflected in the odds.
  • 2 wins for Slovakia v Hungary and Azerbaijan. They lost to Wales 1-0 away.
  • 2 wins and a loss v Hungary away for Croatia. 3 2-1 results to date for the Croatians. They are scoring and conceding. Will this pattern continue? If Slovakia scores first, it seems that we can lay them.

19:45 - Slovenia v Poland - 2.25 Poland

  • 63rd v 20th in the FIFA rankings.
  • Group G sees Poland top the group and Slovenia 4th and well within reach of a 2nd or 3rd spot.
  • 1-1, 1-1, 1-0 loss and 0-5 win v Latvia for Slovenia. Poor stuff.
  • Poland are yet to concede in 4 wins. Their 2 away wins have been 0-1. Piatek has been the scorer.
  • Should these patterns continue, and Slovenia fail to score that 2nd goal outside of Latvia, then lay Slovenia if they score first. This should be compounded by an apparently strong Polish defence too.

19:45 - Wales v Azerbaijan - 1.24 Wales

  • Bale is coming off the back of 2 goals for Real Madrid, a perfect pipe opener for this match. Add to this James for Man Utd and the Welsh have a glow up front.
  • In Group E, Hungary have played one more goal than the other 4 sides. With 2nd and 3rd, Slovakia and Croatia meeting each other today, Wales must win. They are 4th spot currently.
  • Wales have kept it tight to date, 1-0 win, 2-1 loss and 1-0 loss.
  • 2-3-5 goals conceded in 3 defeats by Azerbaijan. Note they did score in those defeats. If Wales cannot score that 2nd goal, then they may be in more trouble than the ease of 1.24 odds favourites. The value might be in laying Wales if they score first and lead only 1-0 late on.