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17:00 - Georgia v Serbia - 1.75 Serbia

  • Only 1 win in 26 World Cup qualifiers for Georgia. Simply on probability they are unlikely to win.
  • Serbia are second in Group D.
  • Georgia look strong defensively. 1-2 loss to Austria, 1-0 v Ireland, and 2 1-1 draws.
  • Serbia are unbeaten in 7 matches in World Cup qualifiers.
  • Serbia are full of goals. 2-3-3-1 scored so far.
  • I expect Serbia to outscore Georgia today. Georgia might make it tough to Serbia to score but Serbia should score and even 2 goals minimum.

17:00 - Turkey v Finland - 1.45 Turkey

  • Turkey and Finland are struggling in Group I. But all is not lost for Turkey. So much so that (other results pending) Turkey could go 2nd with a win.
  • 2 score draws, a 2-0 loss to Iceland and a 2-0 win over Kosovo for Turkey.
  • 2-2 v Ukraine and 2-0 at home so far this campaign.
  • A draw for Finland v Kosovo showcases their lowly ranking. 2 1-0 losses though v Croatia and Ukraine suggests Turkey may struggle to win today.
  • Watch out therefore for a 0-0 for a while. Is it possible to back 0-0 pre match and hope Finland bring their defensive game? I tend to lay the 0-0 if 0-0 at halftime.

19:45 - Kosovo v Iceland - 1.39 Iceland

  • Group I sees Kosovo bottom and Iceland 3rd.
  • 1-1 and 3 defeats to nil for Kosovo.
  • Iceland have been very competitive in World Cup qualifiers with a 1-1 v Ukraine, 3-2 win v Finland, 2-0 v Turkey and 2-0 loss v Croatia.
  • Iceland should be winning here, scoring 2 or 3 goals.

19:45 - Rep of Ireland v Wales - 2.56 Rep

  • 1st and 3rd in Group D, Ireland are having a great campaign.. A Welsh win will take Wales to within one point of Ireland.
  • Ireland drew 2-2 with Serbia, then beat Georgia and Austria 1-0 and beat Moldova 1-3 away.
  • Wales are unbeaten with a win and 3 score draws. The pattern tends to be for Wales to score first and then concede.
  • Gareth Bale scored first in the 2 recent 1-1 draws.
  • This is something we could work with. If Wales score first, they have consistently shown that they are vulnerable.
  • 1-0 (I side with Ireland today) and 1-1 are workable correct scores for what should be a tight match.

19:45 - Liechtenstein v FYR Macedonia - 1.56 FYR

  • Macedonia are a short step above the minnows. Liechtenstein lose but a 2-1 v Israel was a glimmer of hope.
  • FYR scored and conceded in 3 defeats v Albania, Israel and Italy.
  • I think FYR will not lose but would not discount a score draw. I would definitely be laying Liechtenstein if Liechtenstein score first.

19:45 - Croatia v Ukraine - 1.57 Croatia

  • First and Second in Group I and the winner will lead the group. A draw sees Croatia top.
  • Croatia started poorly with a 1-1 draw v Turkey but 3 wins since, all to nil.
  • 2 score draws for Ukraine and then 2 wins v Kosovo and Finland.
  • I think a Score draw will be best-case scenario for the Ukraine today and that is how I approach this match. I will oppose any Ukraine lead.

19:45 - Spain v Israel - 1.13 Spain

  • Group G and Spain, Italy and Israel dominate.
  • 1.13 odds suggests Spain will score 3/4 goals minimum today.
  • Spain have not lost a World Cup qualifier Europe since September 1997 (that is only the start date for the data I have!).
  • Spain last conceded 2 goals at home in a qualifier in October 1972 and only then probably because the keeper was wearing flares and a pair of platform shoes!
  • Wins have been to nil this campaign.
  • Israel look solid. A 1-3 loss v Italy was followed by 3 consecutive wins, 2 were 2-1.
  • Quite simply Spain should be winning and mirroring Italy's 3 goals at least. Spain should not be conceding 2 goals at home which tells us to back Spain if Israel score first.
  • Expect really a win to nil for Spain so look at correct scores if you want, 3-0, 5-0, 6-0.

19:45 - Austria v Moldova - 1.26 Austria

  • 1-0 to Austria the last time these 2 met in World Cup qualifiers in 2015.
  • A must win for Austria in Group D as they are only on 4 points after 4 matches.
  • A win (and Wales and Ireland could slit each others' throats) will be huge today and could install Austria into 3rd place.
  • 1-2 win, 2-2, 3-2 and 0-1 loss to Ireland suggests Austria have the requisite goals but cannot keep a clean sheet. So expect 2 goals from Austria today and a hope that is sufficient for the win.
  • Moldova's 3 wins recently have come against San Marino (twice) and Montenegro. Austria are far more robust.
  • 4-3-3 goals conceded by Moldova recently.
  • I think Austria have 2 goals in them for sure, and in an ideal world they will match their colleagues in Group D in their 3/4 goal wins v Moldova.

19:45 - Italy v Albania - 1.26 Italy

  • 2nd and 4th in Group G.
  • Italy last lost a World Cup qualifier Europe in October 2004.
  • A usually robustly defensive Italy have scored and conceded now in their last 7 matches.
  • 2 consecutive score draws at home for Italy. They are unbeaten at home in World Cup qualifiers since 1961 lol!
  • Albania's wins have come against Macedonia and Leichtenstein. They lost 0-2 to Spain at home.
  • Take our cues from that. Italy will not lose. Lay any late draw as they have 2 match home draw sequence to end.
  • Italy are conceding. Will Albania score? Let's hope Albania score first. I do expect a win to nil for Italy given what Israel and Spain did AT Albania.