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Where I mention BANKER below, this signifies those matches where I think the favourites should win. These matches I would personally prioritise as regards DRT.

Remember the strategies

  • Lay the 0-0 halftime score in certain signalled matches

  • Lay the 0-0 2nd half in matches where goals were expected but have not yet materialised

  • Lay the 2-2 scoreline, especially early on in matches. 2-2 shows us that teams are scoring and conceding.

  • Lay the away team leading 0-2 before halftime, especially if they are favourites. The home team is usually galvanised by the halftime team talk.

  • Lay the underdog if they score first in certain matches ( especially BANKER matches where I would back the BANKERS if they conceded first at enhanced odds)

  • Lay the underdog  scoring early in the first half, in the HALF TIME market , especially in BANKER matches.

19:00 UK Troyes v Creteil - 1.57 home

Standout Stats

  • 0-3 Troyes, 0-3 Creteil and 1-1 in the last 3 head to heads is hardly conclusive.
  • This is 1st v 13th in French Ligue 2


  • No defeat in 11 at home , scoring in their last 9
  • Only 1 loss at home v 6th
  • Clean sheets at home v 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th and playing 13th today
  • Failed to score in only 4 matches
  • Only 2 0-0's at home


  • No draw in 3 away
  • No win home or away v top 7
  • Conceded 2 or 3 away to top 9 they have so far played
  • Failed to score in 5 of their last 6 matches.
  • No 0-0 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • It looks as if Creteil could concede 2 or 3 goals today which suggests that if they lead, we back Troyes and hope they score 2+ goals.

7pm - MVV Maastricht v NEC Nijmegen  - 1.48 away - BANKER

Standout Stats

  • Only 1 head to head of relevance saw a 4-1 NEC win earlier this season
  • This is 16th v 1st in the Dutch Eerste Divisie - NEC are 21 points clear at the top but that didn't stop them tearing it up last week!

MVV Maastricht

  • 3 match drawing streak at home
  • Scored in their last 9 matches overall
  • Scored and conceded in their last 4 at home
  • Only 1 win v top 10 at home was a 3-1 v 3rd
  • Have conceded 2+ goals in 6 of 7 matches v top 6 sides home and away
  • Scored and conceded in 8 of their last 9 matches
  • 2 consecutive 1-1's
  • 4 score draws in their last 6 home matches, all unbeaten matches.
  • Only 4 clean sheets
  • Only 1 0-0 at home


  • 10 match winning streak, 5 away
  • No draw in 16 matches and in 8 away
  • 4 consecutive clean sheets.
  • Only 2 defeats all season came away v 2nd and 15th
  • Have beaten all sides 16th and lower, scoring at least 2 goals.
  • 2-3-3-3-1 scored recently away from home.
  • Failed to score in only 2 matches, which they lost
  • No 0-0

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Complacency seems the only problem here for an NEC win. They are clearly the better side, and have a 10 match winning streak. MVV are currently drawing at home, but NEC have no draw in 16 matches. I would take a chance and lay the late score draw if there is one.
  • Both teams to score has a great chance given the score draws for MVV, despite NEC keeping 4 consecutive clean sheets.
  • Lay the 0-0 halftime score in the anticipation for goals. NEC tend to score 2+ goals.

19:00 UK Utrecht v NAC Breda - 1.53 home

Standout Stats

  • 3 Utrecht wins in the last 4 head to heads
  • This is 12th v 17th in the Dutch Eredivisie


  • No defeat in 3 home matches.
  • Scored and conceded in their last 2 matches
  • Have been very inconsistent at home, losing to 1st, 6th, 7th, 9th, 15th and 16th. Playing 17th today.
  • Scored and conceded in 9 of 12 home matches.
  • Scored and conceded in 5 of their last 6 matches.
  • Scored 6-0-6 in their last 3 home matches
  • Only 4 clean sheets all season
  • Both teams have scored in 74% of matches.
  • 2 0-0's at home.
  • 5 0-0's at halftime at home.
  • Scored 18 of their 25 goals at home in the first half.
  • Scored and conceded double the goals 2nd half as compared to first half.

NAC Breda

  • No win in 5 away matches.
  • Only 2 away wins were 0-1
  • Only 1 win in 11 away matches.
  • Only 5 clean sheets.
  • Scored 2 goals in only 2 away matches and still did not win.
  • Only 1 0-0 away
  • 30 goals conceded away from home

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Utrecht have the best of it in head to heads. Both sides though are not having the best of seasons.
  • I don't like Utrecht's home form. It is inconsistent and inconsistent teams are not good bed fellows for traders. What is with the losses v 15th and 16th at home ( they play 17th today).
  • Utrecht though have scored 6 goals in 2 of 3 home matches. That is really eye-catching.
  • NAC should concede at some stage so look to oppose any 2nd half 0-0 and lay NAC if they score first.
  • There is an argument for Both teams to score , 4 clean sheets v 5 clean sheets this season.

19:30 UK Hamburg v Hertha Berlin - 2.3 home

Standout Stats

  • 3 consecutive Hertha wins to nil in the last 3 head to heads is interesting.
  • This is 15th v 14th in the Bundesliga. Both are on equal ground as regards their struggles this season
  • Odds of 2.3 suggest a tough game to crack but let's see if the stats can help


  • No win in 2 at home but no defeat in 3 at home
  • Have only won 6 matches all season, 4 at home to 4th, 9th, 11th and 13th.
  • A concerted effort at defending at home? Have conceded 1-0-0-1-1-2-1-1-0 in recent home matches. Not bad. If you are conceding generally 0 or 1, it is a solid foundation for getting something
  • By the same token, I feel there are struggles infront of goal. They have recently scored 0-0-1-1-1 ( penalty) - 2 (2nd an own goal) - 2 (2nd a penalty) - 0-0-2 ( 1st an own goal) - 1-0 at home
  • 2 0-0's at home
  • 5 0-0's at halftime at home

Hertha Berlin

  • Only 2 away wins v 11th and 12th.
  • Have scored 2+ in 6 away matches so there is the threat of goals there ( But only won 2 matches when scoring 2+!)
  • Only 1 0-0 away
  • Only 1 0-0 at halftime away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • A messy match. If Hertha Berlin lead 0-2 here at any stage, lay them. They tend to score 2+ quite often away but have only won 2 of the 6 matches when they have scored 2 goals.
  • Hamburg are decent defensively and you'd have to say lucky infront of goal with their fair share of penalties and own goals.
  • It makes me think both teams could score today.
  • Based solely on Hertha, lay the 0-0 halftime score although there is no congruency with Hamburg

19:30 UK Paris Saint-Germain v Lorient - 1.28 home - BANKER

Standout Stats

  • 4 consecutive PSG wins in head to heads, the last 2 a big tight 0-1 and 1-2
  • This is 2nd v 15th in French Ligue 1 and a must win for PSG as Marseille hold a tantalising 2 point lead.


  • Undefeated at home.
  • 2 match home winning streak
  • Scored in their last 5 at home and conceded in their last 3 at home
  • Beaten 4 teams at home 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th.
  • Only 3 losses all season and did lose their last match away to Bordeaux - perhaps the Champions League influence?
  • Have scored and conceded in 5 of their last 6 matches.
  • Scored and conceded in 4 of their last 5 home matches.
  • 8 wins in their last 10 home matches.
  • Failed to score in only 4 matches.
  • Only 1 0-0 at home
  • 31 goals scored at home, pretty evenly split between halves.
  • Only conceded 2 goals in the first half at home
  • No team has led at PSG at halftime .


  • No draw in 14 away matches.
  • Conceded in their last 9 away matches.
  • 2 match losing streak away
  • Did beat Monaco away but lost all other matches played v 11th and higher.
  • 3-2-1-2-3 scored recently in away matches but suddenly failed to score in their last 2 away matches.
  • No 0-0 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • I will take a chance on Both teams to score today, despite Lorient failing to score in their last 2 aways. They did manage a few before that and PSG have had a habit recently for scoring and conceding.
  • Head to heads have been progressively tighter and you feel PSG will score 1 more than Lorient if they are to beat them
  • PSG have beaten teams 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th at home and are playing 15th at home today so things augur well for PSG.
  • If PSG lead 2-0 I would speculatively lay them. They have twice let a 2-0 lead slip recently.

19:45 UK Elche v Valencia - 2. away

Standout Stats

  • Elche win and 2 Valencia home wins in the last 3 head to heads. 2-1 and 3-1 in the last 2 head to heads.
  • This is 15th v 3rd in the Spanish Primera Liga. Valencia are threatening 2nd place  - only 7 points behind Real Madrid.


  • No draw in 5 home matches.
  • 5 losses and a 2-2 draw at home to top 7 this season.
  • Failed to score at home to all top 5 they have played so far.
  • No 0-0 at home
  • 4 0-0's at halftime at home
  • 16 of 23 goals conceded at home came in the 2nd half


  • No defeat in 6 matches.
  • Scored and conceded in their last 3 away matches.
  • Only 4 losses all season, 3 of them were away to 7th, 16th and 18th.
  • Only 1 loss in 14 matches.
  • Scored and conceded in 7 of their last 9 away matches.
  • Failed to score in only  4 matches all season.
  • Only 1 0-0 came at home
  • 3 0-0's at halftime away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Elche's poor record at home to top 5 sides seems emphatic. They even fail to score when meeting them. This makes me umm and ahh as to why Valencia are not at least odds on today. They have only 1 loss in 14 matches and only 4 losses all season ( true, 3 were away from home).
  • This could be a 2nd half match. So if there are no goals, or Valencia have not scored in the first half, don't worry. Keep the faith. Elche concede bucket loads 2nd half at home.
  • Both teams could score. Valencia have an uncomfortable away record recently. Lay Elche if they score first.

19:45 UK Wolves v Derby - 2.5 home

Standout Stats

  • 2 draws and a 5-0 home win for Derby in the last 3 head to heads.
  • This is 8th v 5th in the English Championship


  • No defeat in 4 at home, scoring in their last 5 at home
  • 4 losses at home v 3rd, 9th, 17th and 18th
  • Not bad v teams above them, 3 wins, a draw and a loss v Bournemouth
  • Only 1 loss in 7 was an away loss to Bournemouth
  • 5-3-2-3 scored in their last 4 at home
  • Only 2 0-0's at home
  • 6 0-0's at halftime at home
  • 15 scored first half and 16 2nd half at home


  • No win in 5 away
  • Conceded in their last 5 away and last 5 overall
  • Scored and conceded in 7 of 9 matches played v top 11 away
  • 2-3-2-2-1 conceded in recent away matches
  • Only 1 0-0 away
  • 5 0-0's at halftime away
  • Scored 14 each half away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • On recent form (ignoring the tough 2.5 odds), Derby are conceding far too readily and could concede 2 goals again today against a Wolves side scoring 13 goals in their last 4 home matches and with a solid enough record against teams above them in the league.
  • If Derby lead , or lead 0-2, I would lay them here. When they have scored 2 away lately, they still have not won.
  • I cannot see Derby being as dominant as the last 5-0 this time around.