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Where I mention BANKER below, this signifies those matches where I think the favourites should win. These matches I would personally prioritise as regards DRT.

Remember the strategies:

Lay the 0-0 halftime score in certain signalled matches

Lay the 0-0 2nd half in matches where goals were expected but have not yet materialised

Lay the 2-2 scoreline, especially early on in matches. 2-2 shows us that teams are scoring and conceding.

Lay the away team leading 0-2 before halftime, especially if they are favourites. The home team is usually galvanised by the halftime team talk.

Lay the underdog if they score first in certain matches (especially BANKER matches where I would back the BANKERS if they conceded first at enhanced odds)

Lay the underdog scoring early in the first half, in the HALF TIME market , especially in BANKER matches.

17:00 UK Jablonec v Hradec Kralove - 1.33 home BANKER

Standout Stats

  • 3 consecutive wins for Jablonec in head to heads, , the last 2 came away.
  • This is 3rd v 2nd bottom in the Czecvh top league.


  • 2 match winning streak
  • No defeat in 6 matches.
  • 3 consecutive clean sheets at home.
  • Only 3 defeats all season and 1 defeats in their last 16 matches.
  • Failed to score in only 3 matches.
  • 4 clean sheets in their last 5 matches.
  • Only losses this season v top 2.
  • All clean sheets at home v 7th and lower in the league.


  • No draw in 5 matches.
  • Only 4 wins all season.
  • All defeats home and away v the top 3.
  • Only 1 away win v 6th
  • No 0-0 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • This looks fairly straightforward making for a good DRT match as Jablonec should win. Anything else we can trade.  I do expect a win to nil for the home side and a hope for a correct score win to nil. Look to 2-0 or 3-0 perhaps.

19:00 UK PSV Eindhoven v PEC Zwolle - 1.22 home

Standout Stats

  • 1-2 PSV and 3-1 Zwolle in the last 2 head to heads.
  • This is 1st v 6th in the Eredivisie. PSV are 10 points clear at the top.


  • 5 matches remain and 10 points clear means PSV are not champions yet. If they win today it will be 13 points clear ( Ajax result notwithstanding) with 4 matches remaining and if Ajax lose, that will be the title in the bag. This match therefore can give PSV a sniff at the title if they win.
  • No draw in 16 matches and in 14 at home
  • Scored in their last 22 matches and last 14 at home
  • 14 wins and 2 defeats in their last 16 matches.
  • Failed to score in only 1 match this season.
  • All wins at home bar a 1-3 loss to Ajax.
  • Scored 2+ goals in all bar 2 matches at home.
  • No 0-0
  • 17 first half and 24 2nd half goals scored at home.


  • 10 away without a draw.
  • 4 match losing streak away
  • Only 2 wins in their last 8  came at home.
  • 2-0-4-3-2-2 conceded in recent away matches.
  • 5 losses and a 0-0 v top 8 away.
  • Failed to score v top 4 away
  • Only 1 0-0 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • A pivotal match for PSV who really will pile the pressure on Ajax if they win today. Matches are running out so 3 points here will be superb.
  • PSV are in decent form. Both sides are avoiding draws so stratch any draw from the equation, laying any late 0-0 or score draw .
  • PSV score plenty at home so I do expect them to get at least 2 goals particularly against a Zwolle side conceding 2+ goals regularly.
  • Zwolle should be layed if they lead. They don't tend to beat the top 8 away from home.

19:30 UK Hannover 96 v Hertha Berlin  - 2.1 home

Standout Stats

  • Hannover are unbeaten in the last 4 head to heads, winning the last 2 to nil, away
  • this is 15th v 11th in the Bundesliga.
  • Points are vital for Hannover who are uncomfortably close to the relegation zone.


  • 2 match home losing streak
  • No win in 11 matches and in 5 at home
  • Scored in their last 9 at home and conceded in their last 5 at home.
  • Scored and conceded in 8 of their last 9 matches.
  • Played Bayern and Dortmund in their last 2 homes and conceded 3 in those matches.
  • Conceded at least  2 goals in their last 4 matches.
  • Failed to score in only 2 of their last 19 matches.
  • Losses at home v top 4, Dortmund and Paderborn in 17th. Bar Paderborn, we can argue that it takes a good team to beat Hannover at home
  • Only 1 0-0 all season

Hertha Berlin

  • No defeat in 5 matches
  • 2 consecutive clean sheets, and 2 away
  • 2 match winning streak.
  • 4 clean sheets in their last 5 matches.
  • Only lost one match away to teams below them in the league.0-2 v 12th, 1-2 v 13th and 2-2 v 14th and playing 15th today
  • Only 1 0-0 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Hannover have the best of it in head to heads  but form wise, I would have to side with Hertha Berlin based on their performances away to 12th, 13th and 14th and they play 15th today.
  • If Hannover score first, lay them.
  • This is, though, not a match I would prioritise. I would look for clearer cut matches.

19:30 UK Caen v Monaco - 2.15 away

Standout Stats

  • Only 1 recent relevant head to head was a 2-2
  • This is 12th v 4th in French Ligue 1


  • No win in 2 at home
  • 4 consecutive home wins ended with a loss and a draw.
  • Only 2 defeats in their last 13 matches.
  • Scored and conceded in 6 of their last 7 matches.
  • Only 6 clean sheets
  • All home defeats v 13th and higher. Only 1 win v 13th and higher.
  • Only scored a maximum of 1 goal in a match at home v teams 10th and higher.
  • Only 1 0-0 at home.
  • 5 0-0's at halftime at home.


  • 3 match winning streak away from home.
  • No draw in 8 away matches.
  • No defeat in 7 matches
  • Scored and conceded in their last 2 away matches.
  • 6 wins in their last 7 aways.
  • 2 consecutive 1-3 wins away
  • No opponent has scored before halftime in the last 16 matches.
  • Only 1 loss in 16 matches.
  • Beat all teams below Caen away from home.
  • No 0-0 away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Lay any late 0-0. Monaco amazingly tend not to concede first half so are the likelier first goal scorers. Caen only score a maximum of 1 goal so far v top 10 at home so lay them if they score first.
  • I would have to favour Monaco today. They have beaten all teams below Caen away from home  and have a solid look to their form.

19:45 UK Brighton v Bournemouth - 1.91 away

Standout Stats

  • 2 1-1 draws and a 3-2 Bournemouth win in recent head to heads. The win came via a penalty
  • This is 19th v 1st in the Championship. 2 points between the top 4
  • 36 points 3rd bottom and Brighton are on 45 points. Are they safe?


  • 3 1-0 results on the trot, the last 2 were losses.
  • 3 clean sheets in their last 4 matches.
  • Only 2 over 2.5 goals matches in their last 12.
  • Only 1 win in 6 matches.
  • Only 2 wins v top 13, were v 5th and 8th at home.
  • Only 1 win home and away v top 7.
  • Only 1 0-0 at home


  • Scored and conceded in their last 6 away matches.
  • No defeat in 8 matches.
  • 2 consecutive 1-1 draws away
  • Failed to score in only 4 matches.
  • Only 1 0-0 in 24 matches at halftime
  • Have won all away matches v 15th and lower and are unbeaten home and away v 15th and lower.
  • Only 1 0-0 away
  • 18 first half and 26 2nd half goals scored away

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Tight head to heads. This is, though, a match of circumstance - the problem with this part of the season. Bournemouth must win and came back from 0-2 down to win last weekend. Bournemouth are unbeaten v 15th and lower and have beaten all teams 15th and lower away
  • I would lay the 0-0 halftime score and lay Brighton if Brighton score first.

19:45 UK St Patricks v Cork City - 1.85 home

Standout Stats

  • This tends to be a match historically where the home team do not lose.
  • This is 5th v 2nd in the Irish Premier League after 6 matches.
  • St Pats have lost one match this season, and scored 2+ goals in 4 of their last 5 matches.
  • Cork are unbeaten this season, keeping 5 consecutive clean sheets.They have failed to score in only 1 match.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Little to go on so early in the season. Cork have been dependable early yardsticks . Will Cork keep another clean sheet? Will St Pats scored 2 goals again?
  • This is definitely a league for future trades but there is little to go on presently.

19:45 UK Dundalk v Drogheda - 1.2 home BANKER

Standout Stats

  • 7-0 Dundalk and 1-1 in the last 2 head to heads.
  • This is 1st v 8th in Ireland after only 6 matches.


  • 5 wins and a draw so far this season. All clean sheets in the wins.
  • 1-0, 3-0, 3-0 at home


  • 2 wins at the start of the season, now 3 losses in 4 matches failing to score in 3 of those defeats.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Limited form to go on, but if we add head to heads to this season's form we have a team scoring and winning, and keeping clean sheets, against a team failing to score in defeat. Dundalk should win therefore and lay Drgs if they score first.

19:45 UK Cabinteely FC v UCD - 1.67 away

Standout Stats

  • A league of only 8 teams ( Irish First Division) and only 5 matches in. I will leave it alone at present.
  • No draw for Cabinteely this season with 3 losses to nil in their last 4 matches.
  • UCD have 3 losses and a draw in their last 4 matches.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • Cabinteely are a new team to me and look like newcomers to the First Division, hence favouratism for the more established away side.

19:45 UK Waterford v Cobh Ramblers - 1.67 home

Standout Stats

  • Another Irish First Division match.
  • Only 1 win for either side this season after 5 matches, and the form is messy and unreadable.

Profitable In-Play Opportunities

  • A match to leave behind until the form is more readable.