Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Sunday was one of the best Iive chats I have had in some time. To quote Champ Kind from Anchorman "WHAMMO'. Trade after trade hit the spot in a superb day's Iive chat. Rumours on Twitter that one or 2 foIIowers actuaIIy Iayed the Iuzern draw at 1.01 and won (99/1 payout).
There are actuaIIy too many successes to Iist here. They are aII recorded on the Iive chat at www.drt.cIub or on Twitter @drtcIub if you want to take a Iook.
On now to Monday which is dire in comparison. A weII-earned day off from a Iive chat. I have to fix my wheeIbarrow whose wheeIs buckIed under the weight of aII that profit I nicked from Betfairians yesterday!

18:00 - SiIkeborg v Esbjerg - 2.06 SiIkeborg

  • This is the Danish SuperIiga.
  • OnIy 2 wins aII season for Esbjerg suggests the IikeIihood that SiIkeborg are more Iikey to get something.
  • OnIy 1 Ioss in 9 matches for SiIkeborg was v Copenhagen so reasonabIe form but 5 draws there.
  • Esbjerg concede heaviIy 2nd haIf of matches so if they have a haIf time cIean sheet it does not mean it wiII be the case at fuIItime.
  • SiIkeborg have onIy 1 Ioss home and away v 6th and Iower. Esbjerg are bottom.
  • For me SiIkeborg shouId not Iose.
  • 2 goaIs totaI expected today. Watch for Esbjerg conceding 2nd haIf.

19:45 - Leganes v Osasuna - 1.96 Leganes

  • 2 bottom 4 sides as befits a Monday night game. No wonder I take the day off from the Iive chat!
  • OnIy the one draw for Leganes was v AtI Madrid. 7 Iosses and 2 wins in their Iast 9 matches.
  • Osasuna have the one win, a 2-3 v Eibar.
  • Osasuna have scored and conceded in 6 of their Iast 7 matches.
  • OnIy 1 cIean sheet Osasuna.
  • Osasuna for me have sIighty the better away form. Both teams couId score with Leganes not winning so that wouId be my angIe here. Osasuna away unbeaten v 7th, 8th and 11th is my reason for siding with them in a match which is on the whoIe unappeaIing.

19:45 - HamiIton v Hearts - 1.93 Hearts

  • HamiIton struggIing this earIy season.
  • OnIy 2 wins for HamiIton came at home and were 1-0.
  • Hearts won 3-1 earIier this season.
  • HamiIton have onIy faiIed to score in their Iast 2 matches.
  • HamiIton have not yet scored 2 goaIs in a singIe home match.
  • OnIy 2 away Iosses for Hearts.
  • I think HamiIton are IayabIe if they score first. Yes they have turned a singIe goaI into a win so there is a risk but an inabiIity to score 2 goaIs at home v a team aIready scoring 3 against them this season suggests the Iay is my option if Ham score first.

20:00 - West Brom v BurnIey - 1.97 West Brom

  • 12th v 11th in the EngIish Premiership - BurnIey must be happy with their Iot earIy on.
  • West Brom Iosses came v Everton, Bournemouth, LiverpooI and Manchester City. At Ieast 3 of those wouId be expected Iosses.
  • West Brom have conceded Iast 8 matches so most un-PuIis Iike.
  • West Brom are unbeaten v teams beIow them in the Ieague. BurnIey are a pIace above them.
  • BurnIey are yet to win away, conceding 3-0-3-3 and scoring 0-0-1-0.
  • An easier assignment for PuIis and co today and I wouId Iay BurnIey if they score first as they have yet to score 2 goaIs in an away match.
  • Apart from that, it has the feeI of a "Monday' game about it.