Profit from LIVE trading on Betfair

Note – This can be used on today’s match. Do it now. It really is risk-free. Note too that the Daily Bulletin can be found in the Daily Bulletin section of

Go to Are you an account holder? If so, click on Services and then Promotions. FBR_rpt  is the link for the Free Bet Report. Here’s the gist of the offer: 1) Place a pre-match bet on the Chelsea v PSG game and we’ll give you a risk free In-Play bet to the same stake on the big match. So, your first step will be to find a pre match market at (change the odds to decimal) which closely mirrors the Betfair odds in the lay market. For example, back Chelsea at and lay Chelsea  at with the same stake amount that you backed them at. This effectively neutralises this qualifying bet and may produce a negligible loss. NOTE-read the terms and conditions as there may be an odds retriction to the offer. 2) Having done step 1, you need to now look for an in-play bet at in a market which closely mirrors the odds found at Place your bet at in-play. Go to and lay that bet off with the same stake, thus neutralising it. The accepted method is to look at the markets AT HALFTIME so no goals or red cards can affect the prices. So, for example, we can back PSG in the match odds market at during the halftime interval and lay PSG during the halftime interval on Betfair. If your in-play bet loses at they will refund you up to £50. You cannot lose and you will profit. Resources As I say the free bets report at is there to take you through the process. Also google “bet365 inplay offers using betfair ” and you’ll see various discussions on this free bet process. If you have a account, then do take advantage but make sure you read the terms and conditions which I think state a maximum stake of £50.